Snowboarding at 3

I love to snowboard. Such a rush and so much fun. My son, Ethan, knows that I snowboard and said that he wanted to try it. That is just what I wanted to hear. However, I wondered just what age would be good to start him at. As it turns out, I was at Brighton the other day and I saw little kids on snowboards. So I inquired as to their ages and what the youngest ages were of children that came to snowboard. I learned that these kids were 5 and 6 but that some as young as 4 have come to try it out and did very well. That was it. I decided that Ethan was going to try it next season since he will be 4 and a half. Jamie found a cheap snowboard at the store ($15!! wow). So yesterday Ethan and I put our gear in the truck and headed up to the mountains. We found a nice snowy area where the slopes were gradual and up we went. At three years old, Ethan is a natural! He took to it like a fish to water. Sure, he fell down a lot, but the important thing was that he kept getting up and doing it again. By the end he was going down the hill without even falling!! He was happy and I was extremely proud! Winter Olympics 2018, here we come!!!

Snowboarding at 3 years old