I received some spiritual revelation today while I was painting. We are painting our walls. The evil satan likes to find tricky ways to put thoughts and tempations into my head so that I think that they are mine. One thing that I need to do in this life is to be able to recognize whose thoughts are in my head. It is important that I am able to recognize temptation so that I can reject it. It is also very important that I am able to recognize inspirations and thoughts from the Holy Spirit of the Lord so that I can act upon them.

As I was painting today, satan was trying to do his thing. Trying to put thoughts into my head and make me feel guilty and dejected about life and how imperfect I am and all the things that I do wrong. The moment I recognized what those thoughts were and where they were coming from I started doing something that my mother taught me. She taught me to affirm who I am and what I stand for and what my goals are. Actually, those are some things that I have learned from what she taught me. What she taught me was very simple. I repeat to myself who Christ is, in the form of “I Am”, since that is also his name. “I Am” also works as a phrase indicating myself. I tell myself things like this: I am good, I am clean, I am happy, I am holy, I am pure. All things that Jesus is, and all things that I am trying to be.

I have since enhanced this technique to include my goals, the opposites of things that I am currently struggling against, and other good and happy thoughts. I find that as I do this, I am filled with the Love of my Heavenly Father, which perfect love casteth out all fear. Any guilt or pain or unhappiness, any evil thoughts or tempations, any evil spirits hanging around me, instantly flee and I am left with unfettered thoughts and feelings of happiness, thankfulness, freedom, goodness, and an understanding of the great love of my Father and His many tender mercies.

Thank you, dear Father, for giving me a way to fight the adversary. I know his designs and I reject them. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am good, I am clean through His blood. I have a pure mind and a clean heart. I know that thou dost desire to have me return to live with thee again. That is my desire also. I will do those things that will bring me closer to thee. I will learn to recognize and reject the evil one and his minions. I will keep my mind full of good and pure thoughts.

Affirm – To state as fact; assert strongly and publicly; to declare ones support for; to uphold or defend.

Affirmations are an act of faith. That is what I learned today. Affirmations are extremely important to us in helping us stay on track, to help us remember and keep our goals, to realign us with who we are. Songs are affirmations in lyrical form and put to music. This is a wonderful reason to sing hymns and one reason that singing or repeating the words to hymns can repell evil spirits. This is also a very big reason why we are cautioned to take care what music we listen to and sing. We are and we become what we affirm. Every thing we think, say, or sing is in effect an affirmation of who we are and who we are striving to become. Let us be careful what we affirm to ourselves and others.

Lost Commentary Podcast’s

Anyone else out there a “LOST” fan? Anyone else out there without much time to read all the many blogs and forums in the huge LOST community? I found my fix. Podcasts! Here are several LOST podcasts that keep me up to date on what is going on with LOST and the attendant communities.

The Official LOST Podcast:


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Generally Speaking – Weekly LOST Podcast:

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I am officially a switcher

Apple Logo
I am now the proud owner of an Apple computer!!! To be specific, a MacBook Pro. Woohoo!!!

I have been using some form of computer since I was about 9 years old and Atari came out with their first game system. I have used Commodores, IBM clones, Sun microcomputers, Windows based system, Unix and Linux computers. I have used Windows and Linux systems for years. Now, finally, after 24 years of using a majority of the other types of computers and operating systems that are out there, I have come to the Apple Mac OS X. I have been using it at work now for about 6 months and I really have to say, I love it!!!

Even Darth Vader made the Switch, and he is Sith lord!

See why you should make the switch too.

Apple hardware is just plain SEXY! That is all there is too it. It is very well designed with so many little features that just make the computers so wonderful. They think of everything! The Operating System is built for Apple computers and vice versa. So with the combination of amazing hardware and an operating system that was built for the hardware, you get a very sturdy and robust system. I could go on, but I can tell you are already bored. So here are a couple of quick photos.

Just to prove that it really exists, Jarom is here showing it off for me:
Baby and MacBook

If you cannot tell from my expression, I am quite excited with my new toy:
Me and my MacBook