I am officially a switcher

Apple Logo
I am now the proud owner of an Apple computer!!! To be specific, a MacBook Pro. Woohoo!!!

I have been using some form of computer since I was about 9 years old and Atari came out with their first game system. I have used Commodores, IBM clones, Sun microcomputers, Windows based system, Unix and Linux computers. I have used Windows and Linux systems for years. Now, finally, after 24 years of using a majority of the other types of computers and operating systems that are out there, I have come to the Apple Mac OS X. I have been using it at work now for about 6 months and I really have to say, I love it!!!

Even Darth Vader made the Switch, and he is Sith lord!

See why you should make the switch too.

Apple hardware is just plain SEXY! That is all there is too it. It is very well designed with so many little features that just make the computers so wonderful. They think of everything! The Operating System is built for Apple computers and vice versa. So with the combination of amazing hardware and an operating system that was built for the hardware, you get a very sturdy and robust system. I could go on, but I can tell you are already bored. So here are a couple of quick photos.

Just to prove that it really exists, Jarom is here showing it off for me:
Baby and MacBook

If you cannot tell from my expression, I am quite excited with my new toy:
Me and my MacBook

2 thoughts on “I am officially a switcher”

  1. joey said to tell you that he is SO happy for you. he wants to chat with you about it. he’s going to sleep right now but he says you guys will have to chat later. nice picture of you.

  2. You know, putting a Jarom in the picture with a mac just doesn’t do it justice. As cool as macs are, Jarom is just SO much cuter. 🙂

    Excited for you, BTW. Woohoo!

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