President Bush on Immigration Reform
(You won’t see this on the news)

One of the shortcomings of our current president, President George W Bush, is that he does not come out and talk about the issues very often. I voted for him for a reason, because I believe that he is a good man and that he serves our country honour and the best of intents. I just wish he would come out and talk about the issues more. ALL the issues. Especially the ones that everyone is upset about. Well this last Monday he did just that. He has addressed all of my concerns about illigal immigration and restored my faith in him that was waning due to this subject.

Here is his address. It is in written and video format. It is only 17 minutes long. I encourage everyone to watch it. I also encourage you to pass it on because it will unfortunately not get much if any air-time on the news.

15 May 2006 – President Bush Addresses the Nation on Immigration Reform

I welcome comments on the President’s address.

One thought on “President Bush on Immigration Reform
(You won’t see this on the news)”

  1. I’m always impressed that you pay attention and address the issues… you’re good at that kind of stuff.. I need to do better. Thanks for posting this!

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