Vote American in 2006

The following information was ripped straight from the web site. I did this because it is very good information. The links provided are excellent research resources. They will help you learn more about the candidates who are running for election so that you can make an informed vote. You need to vote, you need to vote smart. I agree with Glenn, forget voting for people in a particular party. Vote for people who are going to help us make and keep America great and strong.


Vote American in 2006

Forget the party labels and vote for the best person. Find out information on your local and state representatives and how they’ve voted on key issues.

USA Today Legislative Action Center
Find your local elected officials and political races by zip code.

Find out where your representatives stand on the issues.

Another site that allows you to search for your representatives by zip code and allows you to check their voting record.

Washington Post US Congress Votes Database
Find out the historical voting record of hundreds of politicians.