Unaffiliated with any political party

Ever since I was old enough to vote I have been a registered Republican. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I cannot stand “political party politics”. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Libertarian.


I have grown very tired of the contentions between the Republicans and Democrats. Apparently, most of the people running for political office are not trying to help the country or the people, they are trying to help themselves. The election campaigns have become all about beating the other party.

Our political candidates and political parties seem to have only one agenda item: defeat the other political parties.

Elections are not a soccer game. We are not voting for one team over the other for the simple sake of winning. We, the Republicans and the Democrats, have made this into a big sporting event. And we should be ashamed of ourselves. We have made a mockery of the electoral system.

Elections SHOULD be about who is the best person for the job. Elections SHOULD be about who has the integrity and the conviction to state what they believe and stand up for that, no matter what happens. Elections SHOULD be about what is right for the United States of America.

Unfortunately, political candidates only stand for something around election time. Unfortunately, political candidates only stand for what they think will get them the most votes. Unfortunately, political candidates apparently do not stand for anything, except for winning what they consider to be a game. They do not even have good sportsmanship. If they win, they rub it in. If they lose, they complain and call the other people names.

I am done with political parties. Call me a party pooper. I am re-submitting my Voter Registration Form and changing my Political Party to “Unaffiliated”.

No more party voting. No more political bias. No more voting with the crowd of other sheeople.

From now on, I VOTE AMERICAN. I research the candidates and pick the person who has the the best interest of the country and the people!


Leave your party! Let us all join in being unaffiliated with political parties. Let us all join in being Americans. Let us be brothers and sister. No longer shall we be political enemies. We are AMERICANS. Let us act like it.

Register or re-register to vote and change your political affiliation.