Unaffiliated with any political party

Ever since I was old enough to vote I have been a registered Republican. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I cannot stand “political party politics”. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Libertarian.


I have grown very tired of the contentions between the Republicans and Democrats. Apparently, most of the people running for political office are not trying to help the country or the people, they are trying to help themselves. The election campaigns have become all about beating the other party.

Our political candidates and political parties seem to have only one agenda item: defeat the other political parties.

Elections are not a soccer game. We are not voting for one team over the other for the simple sake of winning. We, the Republicans and the Democrats, have made this into a big sporting event. And we should be ashamed of ourselves. We have made a mockery of the electoral system.

Elections SHOULD be about who is the best person for the job. Elections SHOULD be about who has the integrity and the conviction to state what they believe and stand up for that, no matter what happens. Elections SHOULD be about what is right for the United States of America.

Unfortunately, political candidates only stand for something around election time. Unfortunately, political candidates only stand for what they think will get them the most votes. Unfortunately, political candidates apparently do not stand for anything, except for winning what they consider to be a game. They do not even have good sportsmanship. If they win, they rub it in. If they lose, they complain and call the other people names.

I am done with political parties. Call me a party pooper. I am re-submitting my Voter Registration Form and changing my Political Party to “Unaffiliated”.

No more party voting. No more political bias. No more voting with the crowd of other sheeople.

From now on, I VOTE AMERICAN. I research the candidates and pick the person who has the the best interest of the country and the people!


Leave your party! Let us all join in being unaffiliated with political parties. Let us all join in being Americans. Let us be brothers and sister. No longer shall we be political enemies. We are AMERICANS. Let us act like it.

Register or re-register to vote and change your political affiliation.

3 thoughts on “Unaffiliated with any political party”

  1. I agree with the premise that there is way too much of partisan jockying going on and not enough real-person, real-issue, real-solution politics. Having someone vote in favor of “American” issues, and not along party issues or lines is also very difficult to come by. Most of all, the strength of character and integrity of those running for political office stands in great question at all times. The political process has become a cover up for underground tactics and power plays.

    I find it interesting that doctors that save lives are held to ridiculous standards (thanks to lawyers and greedy people) and pay literally scores of thousands of dollars in malpractice insurance every year. More interesting still is the issue that those who are charged above all else with protecting, preserving and increasing life in all its beauty are held to almost no public accountability. Sure, we have C-span, we get to decide who is elected and who is not, but day-to-day accountability of choices and decisions is nearly void of creed or public scrutiny. Of all the people in this world that should be paying a lot for “malpractice” insurance, it should be politicians.

    That said, I believe that there is an unfortunate game that has to be at least considered when deciding who to vote for come election day. The separation of party lines and the ever widening abyss between them is where many decisions are ultimately made, and the parties’ supposed ideals become the motivation behind those decisions. If politics, and more importantly politicians, were transparent and “for the people” as they were meant to be, than voting for the RIGHT candidate would be the obvious choice for everyone. Sadly, we are left with a myriad of questionable choices, 98% of which are bad, and the other 2% laced with policy and loophole that reverse any good that was initially prescribed therein.

    The responsibility is truly ours to know the issues, but also familiarize ourselves with the dirty political games that take place–not to join them, but be awares thereof–and thus be able to make not only good choices in candidates but good moves forward in the process of real decision making. That includes community activities, service, writing your congressmen and making your voice heard. We can’t expect our favorite media sources to have the facts straight on all the issues. It requires research. As for voting American, that is what I believe it is all about. It’s time to quiet the very vocal and well-informed minority with an equally informed and motivated majority.

    God bless America.

  2. I started out unaffiliated and for the most part have stayed that way. In Utah, on the local level, where the republican candidate tends to win, sometimes I’ve felt the primary vote actually ‘counts’ more, so from time to time I’ve been registered republican to vote in closed primaries. But I’ve seen even the most local politics get ugly, to the point where I don’t really feel like any party truly represents me. I want them to know that. We’ve had to resubmit things again (this is only our fourteenth move in seven years) and, especially after reading your comment, I’m going to stick with unaffiliated from here on out.

  3. I guess I have been an “American” longer than I realized. When I registered to vote at 18 I had a really hard time checking one of those boxes to align myself with one politically party – especially when there is so much evil IMHO in the world of politics. I am proud to state that I have been “decline to state” (that is how it shows in CA) since I was 18 …………

    Welcome to the club 🙂

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