One thought on “What is really happening in Iraq?”

  1. Gotta love Glenn Beck eh? Just a note along these lines… My good friend worked for the Bush Admin for 18 months as head of the contractors working there. She was in charge of organizing their efforts, hiring and replacing and reporting progress. She said the hardest part of her job was that most of her employees were local Iraqies trying to help put their country back together and yet they were constantly in fear of their lives. Just like that Govenor, these were regular people like you and me, engineers, teachers, policemen, contractors who just wanted to do their jobs and feed their families, but they were attacked left and right by the extremists you see on the news every day who are by far in the minority as far as national sentiment goes. Most people there are just like people here. They want a job, food, education and a safe place to live. Not a lot to ask I’d say. She also said that it was very frustrating trying to get the stories of their progress on the news. No one wanted to hear about the schools they had built, the water systems they had repaired, the office buildings that had been renovated, the locals that had been employed or the children they had raised funds and supplies to feed and dress. She ended up coming home excited for Iraq, and very dissapointed in the rest of the world.

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