Apple Computers is no more

For those of you who missed the Keynote Speech from Steve Jobs today at Mac General Conference, let me give you the highlights. Actually, never mind, I could not even do any of it justice. Let me just give you the important links so that you can watch the videos of some of the most amazing new gadgets that you have ever seen. Quick hide your wallet because you are not going to leave the Apple site without wanting something.

Apple Computers, Inc. has changed their name to Apple, Inc. No longer are they just a computer company.

Please join with me in welcoming:

The Apple iPhone

The Apple TV home media center

iTunes has now added Paramount movies to the list

Congratulations to Apple on astounding me yet again. I guess I will finally be giving up on Nokia and switching to Apple. Good thing I am already with Cingular. I will also be taking all my DVD’s out of the TV room now. No need for them since I will have movies at the ready on my new Apple TV media center.

Woohoo!! I love technology!

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