Daylight Savings Time

Keep it or eliminate it?

Why do we need Daylight Savings Time? Who can give me a really good and well thought out reason for having Daylight Savings Time?

Please, someone explain to me why we need to change time instead of changing our schedules?

Come Together

The people of the United States of America need to come together. Party politics and political correctness are tearing us apart. We need to stop caring what religion, race, or sexual preference we all are. We need to stop being Republicans and Democrats. Forget the political affiliations. We need to all be Americans! We need to do what is best for our families and our country. We need to stop doing what is best for our political party. We need to stop trying to win votes and elections and start trying to keep our country free and happy.

Why cannot we all just get along and be good neighbors. Why cannot we all just get along and be Americans!