Guns do not kill people

The recent shooting spree of yet another murderous mad-man is proof that gun laws are ridiculous. Why do I think gun laws are ridiculous? Because they only protect the criminals.

Why are we making laws to protect criminals?!?

I am sure most of you already understand this concept. However, for those who do not see the light, allow me to enlighten you. It is actually quite simple.

Laws are only followed by good law abiding citizens. If we make a law that says “nobody can have a gun” then all the good people get rid of their guns. We are safe right? No. Now the only people who have guns are the people who do NOT obey the law. This means that criminals are free to run around and shoot whoever they want without resistance, until the police show up.

Ask yourself this, if you were in a store, or on a college campus, or in a church, or in an elementary school, or at a concert, or any other place in the world and some fool starts shooting people, would you rather wait 5-10 minutes until the police show up and the shooting is all over and you or your family members are dead, or would you rather be able to pull out your concealed weapon (that you are trained and licensed to carry) and take out the fool, thus saving your own life and perhaps the lives of countless other people?

Guns do not kill people, idiot criminally minded murderers kill people.

Now go learn how to use a gun, get your license to carry one, and buy yourself a little peace of mind!

Glock 19

Do you remember me?

I do not care what you political affiliations or views are. If you are an American, or even if you are not, our troops deserve to be supported 100%. If you do not like what we are fighting for, take it to the leaders who we have put into power either by our own votes or by our indifference.

Here is a video that does a very good job of helping us remember who our troops are.

Support your troops. Prove that you love the country that they are dying to protect and the freedoms that they are trying to establish for other countries who do not have the freedoms that we take for granted.