Surely a Mormon Cannot Be President

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Mitt Romney: Can a Mormon get elected president of the U.S.?
by David Shurtleff

Mark Anthony on Mitt Romney……my apologies to Shakespeare…..

Heliumites, blogers, Political Scientists….. lend me your eyes
I come to criticize Mitt Romney not to praise him
The evil that men do is highlighted by the media
The good is often buried under labels….so let it be with Romney

The Media has touted that Romney is a MORMON,
if it is so, it is a grievous thing
And may cost him the election

When the scandal laden Olympics was embarrassing our nation, Romney stepped in and turned it into a showcase-Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be president.

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Immigrants, Assimilate or Leave

America is a melting pot. It always has been and it always should be. Fresh blood and fresh ideas keep our country alive and thriving.

All throughout our history, as a nation, we have had people of all races immigrate into our country. The percentage of any given race has always had fluctuations and spikes. We have had large numbers of people of Japanese heritage, Italian, and many others. The spike today just happens to belong to those of Mexican heritage. In another 10 years it could very well belong to a different race.

I do not care how many people of any race come to our nation as long as they want to be American and are here ‘legally’. Do I need to repeat that? If you did not come here legally and you do not want to be an American (in every sense of the word) then you are a criminal and an enemy and you need to either leave or be thrust out.

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Why Social [your service here] Is A Bad Idea

Social Security
Social Medicine (aka Universal Health Care)
Whatever else

All these socialized services sound like good ideas at first glance. It sounds like what we are doing is taking care of everyone. And when I say “we are taking care of everyone” I mean “we” as in everyone of us who pays taxes, whether we like it or not. That is a good thing to do, right?

But wait, was that not also Lucifer’s plan? If I remember correctly he said, “I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost”. Then God said, “Wherefore, Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man”. (Moses 4:1,3) Hmmm, that should give us cause to reconsider.

It is a nice idea, using tax money, but from a political perspective I personally think that the fewer things we push onto our government, the better. Glenn Beck said it best recently, “If we give our government power over something they will take it and they will never give it back.” The more freedoms we give to our government, the less we have as a people and the more socialistic our country becomes. Socialism introduced by tyrants is one thing, but socialism created by laziness and apathy on the part of a free people is just a pathetic waste of a democratic republic.

The Oxford American Dictionary says this about Socialism: “(in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.”

Why Mac? (Reason #51)

Since becoming a Mac user a litter over a year ago I have been asked on numerous occasions, “Why should I use a Mac?” There are many good reasons but today I saw this image on Apple’s web site, which adequately describes just one of the many reasons why it you might want to consider using a Mac vs a PC.

Mac vs Dell

Mitt Unplugged

Thanks to Glenn Beck for this one.

Will Mitt stand up for his values as president? Will his faith get in the way of his being a good president? By voting for Mitt would you be voting for the best interest of America? Watch this video of Mitt talking with a radio show host and then tell me what you think of Mitt.

Governor Mitt Romney Interview With Jan Mickelson

Here is also a news article on the video:
Mitt unplugged