Mitt Unplugged

Thanks to Glenn Beck for this one.

Will Mitt stand up for his values as president? Will his faith get in the way of his being a good president? By voting for Mitt would you be voting for the best interest of America? Watch this video of Mitt talking with a radio show host and then tell me what you think of Mitt.

Governor Mitt Romney Interview With Jan Mickelson

Here is also a news article on the video:
Mitt unplugged

4 thoughts on “Mitt Unplugged”

  1. You know the funny thing, is that I saw a lot of comments saying he’d ‘stormed out’ of this very same interview. It’s nice to see the other half. Go Mitt!!

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for passing this along JKD. I’m glad to hear that you aren’t one of the lemmings that automatically checks the ballot by the Mormons. Wish they were all trustworthy and great leaders, but they aren’t. I was actually pleasantly surprised by Mitt’s answers and his composure. I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my cool when being interrupted every five seconds and accused of not living my religion.

  3. This is nice to see the full clip. The only part that CNN showed was about 30 seconds of him saying that he’s not running as a mormon and that he didn’t like him attacking his religion and then standing up. It looks as though he’s storming out in that one. It’s amazing what spin the news can put on words when they select what words they use. Mitt spoke very well here. His ideas and their expression were sound.

  4. I agree that this was impressive to see. When Mitt first announced his candidacy I was unsure about whether I would like him or not. The more I hear from him and about him, the more I see someone that I could actually feel good about voting for. That is saying a lot these days.

    I am impressed that he is standing up for his values and actually taking a stand where other politicians instead say what they think will get them the most votes. Whether he gets elected or not, I think that it is exceptionally rare and admirable that a politician would tell the truth and stick to it even at the risk of losing votes.

    Who ever you vote for, VOTE AMERICAN!

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