The Jackrabbit Factor

The Jackrabbit Factor

The Jackrabbit Factor” by Leslie Householder

This book is a parable that helps you understand how to think differently. The principles in this book, if used correctly, will help you understand why you get whatever you want. You DO get whatever you want. Everything you have is everything that you want. If that does not make sense to you, this book will help you understand. When we control our thoughts we control our destiny. When we let our thoughts control us, our life is unpredictable and chaotic.

The principles in this book are exactly the same as those found in the movie, “The Secret“. However this book is in short story format. This book is a very short and quick read. Yet the information contained in it is more valuable than all the money in the world.

I highly recommend “The Jackrabbit Factor” as well as “The Secret” to everyone who wants to control their own future.

The Secret

A quick synopsis of both of these things is: “How to exercise Faith: A Secular Perspective”.

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