Live on Purpose

Dr. Paul is the “shrink that expands your life” who wants you to “Live on Purpose”.

I have recently been introduced to a new podcast and web site. The podcast blog and web site were created to help people learn how to become more prosperous and “Live on Purpose”. The creator of these sites is Dr. Paul, who happens to be a friend of mine. He is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. He is a successful business man who wants to help other people be successful also. I highly recommend looking into his web site and listening to his weekly podcast.

Web Site: Dr. Paul

Podcast Blog: Live on Purpose Radio

If you could listen to only one of his podcasts, I would listen to Making Cents Out Of Setbacks. In that podcast, Dr. Paul interviews the author of The Jackrabbit Factor. It is very worth taking the time to listen to.

One thought on “Live on Purpose”

  1. Listened to the whole with with my husband, (who is now reading Jack Rabbit Factor and loving it also!!) Great, great, great info!! “What would it be like if I was 135 lbs, worth 150,000,000$ and living in my home in Sundance that is now paid in full?” 😉 It’s on it’s way!! Thanks Jonathan for your constant enthusiasm for excellence, it’s something we share and I appreciate the connection.

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