I can do anything!

I am so very grateful for the trials that I have in my life right now. Having the trials that I now have means that I have reached the point in my life that Heavenly Father knows that I can handle these trials. He would not allow them to come into my life if He did not know that I can handle them. Knowing that, I know that I can overcome any trial or tribulation that comes into my life. There is nothing in this world or in this short blink of time, called mortality, that I cannot overcome. There will never be any problem that ever comes into my life that will be more than I can handle. Heavenly Father knows me so well that he personally crafted my life to give me just the right challenges at just the right times. I know that because I always trust Him that He knows exactly what He is doing with my life, that I will always have His power and His support in everything I do. He is my success. I can accomplish anything that I want to do with Him on my team. With God, everything is possible. With God on my team, every goal I set is reachable. The only thing that can limit my success is me. If there is anything that is going wrong and something needs to change, it is me. If I am lost and confused it is because I have stopped looking into the light which is my Heavenly Father. With my spiritual eyes focused on Him, my physical and my mental eyes will only see success.

Pain is nothing to be scared of. Pain is good. Pain is an indicator, nothing more. Pain helps me to know where I am going. Pain helps keep me on the path that I should be on. When I am pushing myself up a road that I know I should be on and it starts to hurt, that means I am growing stronger and that I should continue on. I know that once I give everything I have, Heavenly Father will pick up my slack and keep me going. I am not in this race alone. Life is a team effort. Heavenly Father is my partner. Heavenly Father has no weaknesses, only strengths. Because he is my partner, it is impossible for me to lose. I understand clearly that the idea which the world has of winning is shallow and meaningless. Winning the Lord’s way means winning anything and everything. I can do anything and be anything! I am a child of God.

I care not if I am the only one on earth that thinks this way, but I am as sure as I can be that life is good and only getting better. I have a positive outlook on life and I will keep it that way. No matter what happens, I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. If he wants me to be destitute in this life, bring it on. It only means that He knows I can successfully overcome that obstacle and it will be a great strength to me in my life. Whatever anyone thinks, I know for a fact that Heavenly Father wants me to be prosperous and happy. People who are prosperous and happy and who trust in Him are great tools for good in His hands. That is what I am and that is what my goal is for this life. I am as prosperous as I can be so that I can be the best and most amazing tool for good that I can be for Him to use as He knows best.