Where did our spines go?

Apparently American’s have lost their spines. In other words we have become a nation of helpless babies relying on our Socialist parents to take care of our every need.

People are swearing on television so we get all grumpy and whine to Daddy (read Our Government) and tell him to (take away their freedom of speech and) “make them stop”.

Someone has a horrible disease and “the insurance companies” will not pay for it, so we pout and tell Daddy to create a rule (read law) that (takes away the rights of free enterprise and) forces insurance companies to change the way they run their business.

Someone treats us “unfairly” so we run to Daddy and tell him to put those “hate mongers” in jail.

Why do we always have to create more laws and thus continue to giving even more power and responsibility to our already massive and increasingly ineffective government. Have we forgotten that we have our own power? Are we ignorant to the fact that the more government we have and the more laws we have, the less freedom we have? Have we become so cowardly that we cannot stand up and fight our own battles?

Stop watching television if you do not like what is on. Tell those insurance companies where to go with their lousy policies. Take no for an answer and realize that fair is a place with carnival rides and prize pigs. Life is not fair. Life is what we make it. You do not like it, change it.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!! You are giving all your freedoms away creating a Socialistic/Communistic government for yourselves. Quit whining and start solving your own problems. Do you need me to say that again?


Can I get an amen?

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