The Political Compass

I just took another political test to see where they think I stand. Most of these questions are over generalized and vague, so my opinion on the quiz is that it is likely biased the results are probably skewed a bit. However, for the sake of discussion and personal investigation I offer my results and invite you to take the quiz and share yours.

Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: 2.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.28

My Political Compass
Take the test.

5 thoughts on “The Political Compass”

  1. This test is nuts! Everyone is in the top right corner. If Obama and George Bush are in the same quadrant they need to adjust the spectrum. The people that we think of as wacko extremists are centrists; what ever! According to this I’m further left than Obama. There is no way that is possible. Perhaps I just don’t understand their grid, but it seems to me if this were a google map I’d drag my cursor and recenter it.

  2. It is indeed interesting. I think they are trying to prove a point, but I have not read through all of their literature. Obviously it was done in such a way as to be quite controversial.

  3. Okay I consider myself very conservative, but when I took this I came up as liberal with a tad libertarian, almost the exact opposite of you. I guess I’m not as conservative as I thought.

    Sorry, I look at this from time to time.

  4. Argh.. the questions/statements on this drive me insane. What does my opinion on abstract art or whether or not people buy bottled water have to do with anything, for example?

    They say, “Their purpose is to trigger buzzwords in the mind of the user, measuring feelings and prejudices rather than detailed opinions on policy.”

    Our reaction to buzzwords can accurately measure our political standing? Now that really IS a shame.

    My reaction to most of the test is to think that people who say those sorts of things and believe them need to pull their heads out. I guess this is how it turns out when you disagree with just about every statement on there:

    Economic Left/Right: 5.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.28

  5. Politics drives me crazy. This test may or may not be accurate and it really does not solve any problems. I must say that it is probably hard for most people to have meaningful opinions on government policies because most of us do not spend more than a couple minutes researching any of it and understanding the history of the policies and the possible implications thereof.

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