Money is NOT a Goal

I just had what I consider to be a profound thought. I like using analogies in my life. They seem to help myself as well as other people around me. Analogies are a way of helping people see life from another perspective.

Money is NOT a “goal”. Although it can be and often is a goal that people make, so let me clarify. The accumulation of money is not a GOOD “goal” to set. Let me further clarify “good”. The goal “accumulate money” is not a effective goal. It is actually a rather absurd goal, by itself.

GOAL: “It is my goal to accumulate a million dollars.”

We know that money is just a tool. Therefore, let us change the word “dollars” to “hammers”.

GOAL: “It is my goal to accumulate a million hammers.”

That goal does not make sense.

Unless it is a supplementary goal attached as part of a shopping list to a larger and more philanthropic goal.

The goal to accumulate a tool does not make sense by itself. This is because a goal to accumulate a tool invariably requires you to ask the question, “What am I going to do with that tool?”.

If my only purpose and goal in life were to accumulate a million hammers, I would say that my life was in fact pointless.

However, combine that “shopping list” goal with a more philanthropic goal and everything starts to change.

GOAL: “It is my goal to help one million people each build their own dream home.”

Each of those million people are going to need some tools to build their home, including a hammer. In that case, accumulating hammers actually makes sense. It makes sense because the hammers are not the end goal. They are merely supplementary to the main goal.

The moral of this blog post is this: Don’t set goals for tools, unless those tools supplement a philanthropic goal. Before you set a goal for money, make sure you know what you are going to do with that money. The possession of money is in itself useless. The spending of money without a purpose wasteful.

If you need help making good goals, I would suggest to you the book, Drawing on the Powers of Heaven.

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