I just Simplified my Life

Thank you Jeffrey! For introducing me to Simplify Media. With this handy little app, I can have the functionality that Apple took out so long ago. What functionality? Sharing my iTunes library with people outside my local network. 30 people to be exact, with Simplify Media. 30 people all over the world can all see and share my iTunes library. All of it. Anywhere they have a connection, so long as my iTunes library is open and connected to the Internet.

Not only that, but I can do the same thing with my iPhone. So let’s say I was in a rush and forgot to sync that new playlist I made on my computer to my iPhone. No problem, open Simplify Media and I am now listening to it.


Simplify Media

Goals vs Costs

I decided to start listing my goals so that I could then “weigh the cost” of each of those goals. After I had listed a couple of them I realized that what I was listing were costs. I had not listed any goals at all.

For example, I had a goal to exercise every day. If you think about it, that is not really the end goal. It could be argued that that is a short term goal. However I consider short term goals to be part of the cost of the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal may in all actuality be something like this: “Be physically fit enough to go snowboarding at age 100”.

Apparently I need to rethink what goals are.