The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

Thanks to Jake Hilton for bringing this article to my attention. I tend to agree with this article. It is sad that so many of us feel the need to treat each other so badly. Especially someone in a position worthy of such high esteem. No matter who we vote for, when the voice of the people has declared a new president, the country should come together and support each other and that new president. Only by standing together and trusting in our god will we be strong enough to continue into the future.

Please read and consider the following article.

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

The treatment President Bush has received from this country is nothing less than a disgrace. The attacks launched against him have been cruel and slanderous, proving to the world what little character and resolve we have.

One thought on “The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace”

  1. I certainly am not on board with everything Bush did, but people really have treated him like he’s less than a human being. No one deserves that. And I’m sure he could have accomplished more good had people not been so extraordinarily divisive.

    I am worried about Obama’s policies, and how he’ll handle the economy in particular. But one thing I -do- look forward to with Obama is how so many people have decided to be hopeful instead of so ferociously mean-spirited. I hope that lasts a while.

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