FOCA – Good or Bad?

I just received a forwarded email message that was emotionally charged and biased to one side of the Freedom of Choice Act. The message was similar to the one found in this Snopes article:

Freedom of Choice Act

My own first instinct is to be against this “Freedom of Choice Act”. My initial reaction is based on my belief that murder is wrong, children have a right to live, and if a woman made a “choice” that got her pregnant she should take responsibility for her actions. In most cases, abortion is a done to avoid taking responsibility for actions. Negative consequences are the results of bad choices. If we do not take responsibility for our actions, we learn nothing from our mistakes, which means that we keep making more and worse mistakes.

That is my perspective on abortion.

I have only just recently learned of the Freedom of Choice Act. So the jury is still out on it for me.

I would love to hear your opinions and facts that you have learned. Let us help each other be more informed on this topic so that we can make a wise and well thought out judgement.

Here is some More Information that I have found on this Topic:

4 thoughts on “FOCA – Good or Bad?”

  1. The tricky part with any issue regarding abortion is not whether abortion itself is wrong–it is murder, regardless of how you justify it–but how much the government should be involved. It isn’t the government’s responsibility to regulate everything, or even most things. They should only regulate what they need to.

    So the question then becomes: should government regulate abortion? I would never support anyone’s decision to have an abortion, because I believe it to be wrong. But almost everybody believes in something that I don’t believe in, and does things that I would never do. They will have to answer for those actions, just as I will have to answer for mine. But where do we draw the line on things it’s okay to do if you believe it’s okay, and things it is not okay to do because the government says so?

    It’s a hard question.

  2. Very good point, Hyrum. I agree.

    We, as a people, have become a nanny-nation. Always looking to “the government” to make our hard decisions for us and run our lives. We should be taking more responsibility and make these decisions ourselves. We need fewer laws and smaller government. That being said, this and any law about abortion either way should probably be thrown out.

    Making a law one way or another forces us to make certain decisions and takes away our freedom to choose without going to jail. Actions have their own consequences, those are often sufficient. In many ways, I think even the Roe vs Wade case should be thrown out. I think legislating through judicial history is wrong.

    One problem with not making laws is that there are people out there who have not been instilled with the same morals and ethics that many of us have. Making laws for moral issues just adds so much complexity. Then again, I cannot think of a law off-hand that does not have some moral implications.

    No matter what we do, we cannot eliminate morals (aka religion) from any society without leading that society into anarchy. Religion is how people live their lives, whether they call it religion or not. Every LIVES their religion. They show they religion by how they live. The founding fathers of this nation made a constitution based on their own religions. Remove the values that had from the constitution and it will just disintegrate.

    Anyway, I am rambling a bit.

  3. Good point Hyrum, but I would make a minor modification to your statement about government involvement. The FEDERAL Government shouldn’t be involved in the case of abortion. They have clearly overstepped the bounds of state rights, set forth by the constitution. Now, whether or not the State should be involved is another matter entirely. Because each State is free to specify what is murder, manslaughter, etc… in their jurisdiction, I believe Abortion is covered within those state rights. Now there are arguments on both sides, that are irrelevant for the sake of this discussion. The Supreme Court exceeded it’s jurisdiction when they made a law, not interpreted it, in Roe vs Wade.

  4. President Obama said that question of when life begins is above his pay grade. So let’s phrase it this way: If there is any question as to whether we’re taking a life or not, why would we ever consider using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion as birth control?

    There must be at least a dozen healthier, less expensive ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and at least two of those methods also help prevent the spread of STDs. Yet no one wants to promote the most reliable of two because it might be too hard, or it might be too unrealistic. Instead, we might be taking responsibility for the loss of innocent lives, and paying for it to boot.

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