Let us suffer

I just got a letter from one of my Congressmen telling me that he is in favor of a certain version of the “stimulus package” that leans toward lower taxes instead of increase debt through the dispersal of inflated monies. Here is my response to him.


Tax cuts are certainly a better idea than trillions of inflated US dollars flooding the country, printed on the whim of the fed. It saddens me how many people that there is so much lack in our country. We are one of the most wealthy nations on earth, yet so many of our people think we are in a recession. I am overly disgusted with hearing about bailouts. There is so much entitlement and lack of responsibility going on in our nation right now. So much finger pointing and divisiveness.

Money is not the answer to the supposed “economic crisis” that our country is currently faced with.

Nor is the lack of money the source of the same supposed “economic crisis” with our country right now.

The problem is ignorance and a scarcity mentality. In other words, the problem is in the way people view the world around them. Any given person could have a “net worth” of a billion dollars and still feel financial insecure. At the same time, any given person could have a “net worth” of zero dollars and feel completely financial free peaceful.

It all comes down to personal choice. Either people choose to feel prosperous or they choose to feel scarce. Whatever they focus on is what they will get more of.

The feelings of scarcity are perpetuated by people believing the money myths that are constantly propagated throughout our society under the guise of “sound financial advise”.

The answer is to educate people.

Help people see how much wealth and goodness abounds in this great nation. Help people understand that how they think about money and value greatly determines how much they have of it.

Bailout’s and “stimulus packages” are small bandages on gushing wounds. Just like any “stimulant” there may be an initial increase in activity, but the effects quickly wear off and leave the users feeling even worse and often addicted.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him forever.”

The more people are given, the less responsibility they have. We do ourselves a great disservice by giving instead of teaching. The more we allow our government officials to run our nation, the fewer freedoms we enjoy.

The federal government should stay out of the economy as much as possible. It is not the place for federal government.

Congressman, please tell Washington to stop trying to babysit this nation. If we have a bad economy it is our fault and we need to face up to the responsibilities we have for our actions or inactions. Bailing the country out is very unwise. The country needs to bail itself out. In other words, let this people show it’s mettle! Let us, the people of the United States, show what we are made of. Let us struggle with our own hard times and tribulations, for it is only through the overcoming of tribulations that we will become stronger.

Congressman, please tell Washington to stick to maintaining the defense of this nation, both internal and external. Tell them to let the people take care of the economy.

Thank you

Write to your elected officials and tell them what you think about all of this:

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Then, tell me what you think of my opinion.

8 thoughts on “Let us suffer”

  1. I enjoyed your response.

    I’m sure your congressman won’t notice, but showing your “metal” (ie bling) is a bit different from showing your mettle (ie courage).

  2. I think it is not about us feeling like we have a lot. It’s about us managing what we have. Most of us have a lot of debt. We spend more than we make. Or we spend all that we make, leaving us little or no reserve for hard times. If everyone had a little saved up and stayed out of debt as much as possible then they would not have the fear that spreads when recession is shouted out.

    But the treatment is the same either way. Whether you’ve put all your eggs in one basket in the stock market, or lent money to unsafe borrowers, or you’re in debt, or you haven’t saved, or you feel like you don’t have enough money, it’s all about education. We need to suffer to learn.

    But then how do we help those who’ve lost jobs, homes, etc? We might provide them jobs by bailing out banks who can then lend to businesses who can then hire. But that defeats the learning. What else could we do? I guess lower taxes and cut government programs. Which puts governmental employees out of a job. I don’t know the answer.

  3. I totally agree. Like I said the other day, when did we become a country of equality of outcome not equality of opportunity (not my original though, heard it somewhere else). Why does everyone need the same thing. I don’t expect to always be given a trophy for playing a game, just the same opportunity to get on the field.

    Life is the same way. Why do we need to be handed everything and taken care of by “big brother”. Let them provide for the common defense, protect property rights, regulate INTERSTATE commerce not INTRASTATE commerce, negotiate with foreign powers on our behalf and that’s about it. They represent us, we hired them to be our voice not our babysitter!

    Just my two cents!

  4. Hyrum, thanks for catching that. I have now fixed it.

    Jacob, I agree, there are a lot of aspects that are certainly hard to find answers to. Especially when we do not want to see other people or ourselves floundering. It is difficult to see a neighbor, or friend, or even fellow countrymen lose their job and their house. The answer? True charity. Someone else said it better than it:

    “And also, ye yourselves will succor those that stand in need of your succor; ye will administer of your substance unto him that standeth in need; and ye will not suffer that the beggar putteth up his petition to you in vain, and turn him out to perish.” ( http://scriptures.lds.org/en/mosiah/4/16#9 )

    Charity and welfare should come from each of us. Not from the government. Third party welfare programs take the responsibility of service away from us. We need to serve each other. However, these days, too many of us are content to let someone else take care of this and many other problems. We are all too busy or wrapped up in our own finances to realize that the solution to all of these problems that we face is in fact US.

    Jason, hear hear. Let our government stick to the Constitution and lets us take responsibility for the rest.

  5. Here’s my question. Lately I’ve heard a lot of people discussing this. I’ve started asking a simple question. So, have you done something about it? Have you emailed your congressman or senator voicing your opinion? I have not yet gotten the response of “Yes, I have.” So many people willing to talk, but not willing to do. I have sent a similar letter to each of my elected officials Jonathan. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but trying to show people that it can be done, and is easy. We talk and complain. Have you done something about it?

    I challenge you! The next time you hear someone discussing this issue, ask them if they’ve done something about it.

  6. Chris, good call. It has always been my opinion that if you are not willing to do anything about a problem, then you should not be complaining about it. Then again, complainers are usually not doers and doers are usually not complainers.

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