How Do I Approach God?

When my 7 year old wants something and comes to me whining about how he does not have it and then throws a fit because I am not getting it for him that very instance, I am less inclined to do anything for him.

When my 7 year old wants something and comes to me speaking in a very calm and rational tone, showing forth appropriate deference, I am much more inclined to give my child whatever he wants.

How do I approach my Heavenly Father in prayer when I want something? I am sure that my own attitude toward Him greatly influences what He is willing to grant unto me.

3 thoughts on “How Do I Approach God?”

  1. Glad to see another great article, Jonathan 🙂

    I especially agree that we need a healthy dose of deference. Personally, I’ve dealt with asking quite nicely for extended periods for something that simply is not on His agenda for me at the moment. I’ve had to learn to ask less and communicate more… telling Him how I feel and then asking for help in sorting out what I ought to do, confirmation that I’m making a wise choice, and strength to follow through. I still don’t have exactly what I want, but I am finding what I need to get there through little wonders every day. And as I pour out my thanks, He pours out His love as only the best Father can.

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