What is YOUR purpose?

The reason I ask about your purpose is because I wonder at what drives you. It seems that when we are children we have dreams of what we want to do with life. And then we “grow up” and settle for what gets us by in life hoping for something better in the next life. When in all actuality, what we should be doing is following our dreams and our passions. We should be dreaming big and living prosperously. The problem is, we have trained prosperity out of our minds and all we know how to do is survive.

“Endure to the end”, has become the motto of our sentence here in mortality. Do many people really think of life as a prison to be endured?

The natural man has the tendency to sit back and wait for life to happen to him. He lives life by default. To overcome the natural man we have to decide to take life by the reins and lead it where WE want it to go. Life WILL happen TO us, if we let it, and we may or may not like it. We forget that we have the power to make life happen FOR us. We were not given this opportunity, called life, in order to be the poster children for mediocrity. We are children of a Supreme Creator. We are GODS. We were built to CREATE. We were built to ACT and not to be acted upon. We are not pawns in a game. We are players and the choices all belong to us.

I am passionate about helping people find their passions and live them. We are all akin to the servants in the legendary “Parable of the Talents”. We will be held accountable for what we do or do not with what we have been given.

I think it is another natural tendency for us to think that we were not given any talents. We think that we are not special. We think we have no unique gifts. These are all fallacies and are taught to us by the king of evil. There is not a single person on this planet and any time past, present, or future who has not been blessed with many gifts and talents. The problem is, we do not look for them. Or if we do happen to find them, we disregard them and tell ourselves that we could never excel with those talents.

How dare we? To say we are talentless or that the talents we have noticed are worthless is to spit in the face of God.

Find your purpose and live it! Follow your passions! We are much more efficient and successful when we are following our own passions than when we are just following what we think will help us survive. Survival should not be our attitude. Prosperity should be our attitude!

LOVE LIFE! FIND YOUR PURPOSE! Your life is up to you.

FIND YOUR TALENTS! USE THEM to better your own life and the lives of others.

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