I Am A Child of God

“I am a Child of God, and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind, and dear.”

If that were the end of the blessings that He had given me, it would still be more than some of our siblings have been given.

If that were the end of the blessings that He had given me, I would still count myself wealthy.

I could start writing a list of all that I have been blessed with and it would fill a book and yet be incomplete.

I honestly have nothing that I am worthy to complain about.

To throw out an unsubstantiated statistic, I would wager than at least 90% of Americans have nothing really worthwhile to complain about.

If you are reading this message right now, you are blessed with a computer, an internet connection, and the ability to read. If someone printed it out and gave it to you, then you are blessed with a friend, paper, and the ability to read. And still those 3 comparably small and overlooked blessings truckloads more than what some of our siblings have.

If you think you are having problems with your life right now, then you are a selfish ingrate. I bet my life that you have more at this very moment to be thankful for than you do to complain about.

You disagree with me?

You think you have a hard life?

You think you have been dealt an unjust hand?

Watch this video and just you reconsider your overly abundant and wealthy life.

Now tell me. What problems do you really have in your life?

I am a Child of God and so are you and so is everyone else on this little planet of ours. Who is your neighbor?

6 thoughts on “I Am A Child of God”

  1. I couldn’t watch this video without crying. So hard when you realize how much money is wasted around the world, not only on the luxuries that we enjoy but on the maintaining of power. If we had people that we could trust in power, we could avoid so much waste.

  2. So I have been thinking about this a lot. As heart-wrenching as this video is, it provides us with a choice. We can be sad and move on, or we can use it as inspiration. We can motivate ourselves to get out of our comfortable little worlds and find ways to find our neighbors and share some love.

    “But,” you may say, “where do we start?” I have been thinking about this also. Seeing videos like this make me want to fly to Africa right now and cuddle these poor neglected little souls and shower them with love. However, I do not really have the appropriate resources at the moment. These search and rescue missions take a lot of time, effort, organization, and resources.

    So where DO I start?

    With my own family. Do my wife and children feel loved and needed as much as I can provide? Next, my neighborhood. Do all of my neighbors have what they need? How about my city? Can I take my family and show them how to serve by finding people that need help and helping? Donating time or food at a food bank. Participating in city sponsored cleanup drives. If there is nothing going on, perhaps I can organize something. Looking for a worthwhile activity for the Sabbath day? Organize some service projects. Visit people. Talk to people. Share your love with people. Take an hour of television/movie/computer/whatever time and go outside your house and look for someone to talk to. Share a smile. Send $5 to a charitable organization? $5 US dollars my only buy a combo meal here in America, but it can buy a whole family a weeks worth of food and supplies in other nations.

    I can start, by beginning to think less about myself and my “problems” and more about others and how I can help them and love them.

  3. I don’t want to pick on the people in the movie because obviously they’re doing a good thing by getting out there, helping people, and making these plights known. I was kindof surprised though that they’d just stand there filming these starving children, talking about them, crying about them, but not actually doing anything until the sister popped up to bathe them.

    They were there to do good, and they did. I am SURE they were just about to break out the crackers when Jane came along. Then sure, they got a little distracted by the bath, but they did eventually give the kids something to eat. I’m not knocking on them, but I’m pointing it out because I think it says something about human nature.

    To a more serious and prolonged extent, most of us react the same way. We see these awful things happening abroad, in our own communities.. even in our own homes sometimes. We know we should do something. We WANT to do something. Sometimes we’re even trying to do something. But we spend so much energy working ourselves up to the point where we’re ready to do the right thing that sometimes it never gets done. Same thing goes for our own problems, too.

  4. John, I could not keep my composure either.

    Jen, thank you.

    Velda. So very true. Words are nice, compassion is good, but action is what makes a difference. We get so bogged down in the details and processes that we forget to actually do.

    In defense of the people that were making this movie, I am sure it was pieced together the way it was for the best effect. I am sure they were more than eager to help. Going into a situation like that though you have to make sure of the situation as best as possible. There may be danger around, angry parents or relatives, or perhaps someone who killed parents. Also, someone in such a weakened state cannot really rush to full health. Etc, etc. You make a very good point though.

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