One word review: AMAZING!!!!

Avatar Movie Character: Neytiri

Slightly longer review: This movie was truly AMAZING. Avatar was more than a movie, it was an experience. This was the most immersive and enthralling movie I have experienced in a long time. Perhaps ever. At this moment I cannot think of another movie that has affected me so greatly.During the movie I noticed myself physically agitated. My heart rate was affected dramatically. By the time the credits rolled at the end I was actually numb and weak from over-stimulation and perhaps over-oxygenation. This movie makes made me want to go out and do something. So I think that when I am done with this review I am going to go for a run.

I am told that this movie used computer-generated imagery (CGI). That is incredibly hard to believe. The characters in this movie, both alien and human seemed to me as real to me and anything I know. The movements of the characters was fluid and dynamic. The world in which they lived was rich beyond comprehension. The interaction of the characters with the world and the creatures in the world was flawless.

The filmography was breathtaking! The world was gorgeous and awe-inspiring. In fact, those words cannot do the scenery any kind of justice. The artistic beauty was incredible. The bodies of the alien people were beautiful. The creatures of the world were beautiful. I find myself at a total loss of words to adequately describe what I have just beheld. No words that I can think of seem to do this movie any level of honest credit.

Even the story had depth. And there was much more depth that was hinted at that we only got a glimpse of. There is so much more to this story that I just want more. I do not want to spoil the plot, so I will just say that the movie, had a very fulfilling ending. Yet at the same time I yearn for more.

James Cameron has outdone himself. Everyone who worked on this movie has outdone themselves. The technology and imagination that has been employed to create this masterpiece were tremendous.

I do not have enough thumbs to rate this movie. A scale of 1-10 is worthless for this movie.

Truly, this was an amazing experience. Amazing. That is really the only word that keeps coming to my mind, over, and over. Amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Avatar”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed it greatly as well. My review would not be so overwhelmingly positive as yours, as I found the plot to be predictable and unoriginal, but that does not mean I would not recommend that everyone see the movie, especially now while it’s still on the big screen.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I saw the 3D version.

    Hyrum, I would love to hear your review. I, of course, am the eternal optimist, so take my review from that perspective.

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