TSA Rap Sheet

I am angry that we have allowed the TSA to exist at all. It is an unnecessary waste of Tax Payer money and they do nothing but continue to harass American Citizens. It is my opinion that the TSA organization needs to be abolished.

I do not feel safer flying with TSA. In fact, I feel less safe and less like a citizen with them screening me. I would feel much safer if everyone on the plane had a weapon, because when a terrorist does decide to get on a plane, I have no doubt they will find a way to bypass TSA.

Help put the TSA out of our misery.  Abolish the TSA. Contact your elected officials and tell them to get rid of it.

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7 thoughts on “TSA Rap Sheet”

  1. I agree. Why is a government organization screening private citizens so that they can utilize a private company? If private companies want to secure their facilities they should be free to do so in the way that they feel is best and is demanded by their customers. If regulation is needed then the government can require security, but should not tell private companies how to run their security. Find the bombers before they go to the airport! I would pay to have my pilot trained and armed to deal with in flight problems. There are so many different ways that we could deal with these problems that have not been tried. Let the private sector try them.

  2. Chris, yes exactly. In fact, put TSA on the border, not in the airports. If they have to harass someone, at least let it not be American citizens.

  3. For another perspective. As a doctor I am expected to practice evidence based medicine. That means that everything I do must be based on evidence. Medical doctors will often complain that they loose patients if they don’t prescribe something even if evidence says not to. The patients will think that the doctor isn’t doing his job if they don’t get some medicine. This has led to super bugs that are antibiotic resistant and other such problems. That is why this new standard of evidence based practice is arising.

    Are we as a country practicing evidence based security. What evidence do we have that these screenings even work. Does it make us safer or does it just make us feel better like that pill the doctor gives even though he knows you don;t need anything.

    Lets do some double blind studies to see if the risk to benefit ratio is worth it. The risk is loss of liberty the benefit is security. If we lose all our liberty for complete security is it worth it? If we lose most of our liberty for relatively little security it definitely is not worth it.

  4. Millions upon millions of people fly every year in this country and we have not heard of screening like this catching even one terrorist before they get on the plane. You better believe they would publicize it if they did catch one. One question any good doctor should always ask is what would happen if we did nothing. What is the true risk of death by terrorism on a plane if we had no security? 1 in a million? 1 in 10 million? That’s better than many legal drugs.

  5. Excellent points Christopher. I feel as if the whole airport security system has been put in place just to ease the mind of someone and that someone is certainly not the passengers. There is even talk of health risks from the machines that are used.

    Aside from all of that, forcing someone into one of two extremely uncomfortable and, in my opinion, extremely inappropriate, procedures is just plain wrong.

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