My Vim Cheatsheet

A while ago I read some Vim tutorials that were written by Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier and found them to be an excellent source of quick tips for a cheat sheet. So I set out to create a cheat sheet I could hang near my computer. I finally got around to finishing it. So I am making it publicly available.

My Vim Cheatsheet
My Vim Cheatsheet

Since I finished it I have found some other tidbits and had some other ideas for enhancing the sheet further. If I ever get around to it, I will update the link with the newer version.

Enjoy! I hope it is as useful for you as it is for me.

Long live Vim!

More helpful vim links.

Is there a situation where democracy won’t work?

This important question was asked and answered by Clayton M. Christensen on 16 May 2009 in a commencement speech given at Southern New Hampshire University.

I encourage everyone to read this speech. Here are a couple of quotes from it that caught my attention:

Too often, as a result, we overlook an obvious fact: finding the right answer is impossible unless we have asked the right question.

You just think that because democracy works for you that it will work everywhere. It only works where there is a strong foundation of this particular type of religion.

Those who seek to minimize the role that religions can play on the public stage are … seeking to minimize the very institutions that have given us our civil liberties in the first place.

The full speech can be found here: “The Importance of Asking the Right Questions”

(Thanks to Marie Norris for introducing me to this speech.)

AWS Free Tier Micro Instance 101

I recently decided to hop on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier, and see what it was all about. I use regular AWS services at work quite a bit so I am not a newcomer to the AWS world. However, this was my first foray in to the Free Tier offering. I created this little tutorial based on my own experience as well as some other helpful pages I found about the web.
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Why do I do what I do when I know what I know

I consider myself to know and understand a lot about the principles of wealth and success. I have read plenty of books about success, attended presentations and conferences, and listened to many podcasts.

I understand all this theory yet apparently I have not yet gained the wisdom necessary to put it all into practice.

In fact, it is almost as if subconsciously I am sabotaging my own success. When I learn a new principle and have a great realization of something I should be doing in my life, I seem to actively avoid it, or rebel against doing it. It is as if I am trying to stick it to the man, to show him who is boss, except in this case, I am the man I am thumbing my nose at.


Why am I choosing to subvert my own progress toward my goals and dreams?

It does not make sense to me.

This post is me thinking out loud. I find that I think well through writing or talking to other people. I am analyzing myself. I enjoying analyzing things.

Feel free to add your own analysis.