Misplaced Roles

In response to the idea of withdrawing our troops from the world as mentioned by Ron Paul in a recent blog post of his.

Initially, I was wary about the idea of pulling our troops out. But I am sure that is because I have not understood everything. The problem with forming an opinion on anything that our government is doing is there is such a great lack of understanding by so many average citizens like myself. Now that I have learned a bit more about what is going on, my opinion is that we should indeed bring our troops home.

Some may say, “What about all those poor helpless people over there that we were doing actual good for?” The American people should continue to help around the world, but privately. We do not and should not be using our Armed Forces as our philanthropic arm. We the people should be organizing ourselves and helping through private organizations. And many are doing exactly that.

The roles of our government should be small and focused on our nation. The roles of the people of the United States of America, as private citizens, should be focused on being good neighbors and lending helping hands where ever we can throughout the world.

It seems to be a “simple” matter of mistaken identity. Our government thinks it is the people. It is wrong. WE are the people and we run the nation, or at least we should. We have become complacent and self-centered. We have allowed our elected officials to take away our responsibilities as humans and citizens of Earth as well as our freedoms. It is past time for us to take back what is ours and relieve our bloated bureaucracy of our misplaced roles.

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