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Joey Get’s Reel

My good friend JOEY works in the TV business. He has for many years now. So he put together this demo reel of some of his work that he is proud enough to show off. I am proud enough to post it here and show off his professional work. Check it out:

Joey’s Demo Reel

(Note: It is 56mb so be prepared to start it and let it go while you do something else.)

Impenitent Prisoners should be Condemned

As I was reading in the Book of Mormon today I came across two verses that accutely clarify how murderers and robbers should be dealth with. I found it to be very clear and yet incredibly profound.

3 Nephi 5:4-5

  • 4 And now it came to pass that when they had taken all the robbers prisoners, insomuch that none did escape who were not slain, they did cast their prisoners into prison, and did cause the word of God to be preached unto them; and as many as would repent of their sins and enter into a covenant that they would murder no more were set at liberty.
  • 5 But as many as there were who did not enter into a covenant, and who did still continue to have those secret murders in their hearts, yea, as many as were found breathing out threatenings against their brethren were condemned and punished according to the law.

This passage of scripture shows us that criminals should be given the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and to fully repent. Those who truly repent should be pardoned. Those who, after hearing the gospel, continue to have evil in their hearts and do not repent should be condemned to the full extent of the law according to their crimes.

That is very straight forward.

The More I Learn…

This is one of the tenets that I live by:

The more I learn, the more I learn, there is more to learn.

I have said this to people quite a bit recently. Therefore I thought I would elaborate upon it.

We start off life with very few thoughts on our mind, comparitively speaking. Mostly our body does our thinking for us. We feel hungry, we feel uncomfortable, we feel tired and so we express ourselves in the one way that we know how.

Later in life we learn that there is more food than the white stuff our mom gives us. We find out about cold cereal, polish dogs, prime rib, pizza, and tacos. Wow! Who knew that there was such a vast choice of palatable preferences for mealtime?

Still later in life we learn that the wonderful varieties of foods that we have come to enjoy often require some form of assembly and preparation. From there we begin to learn about cooking, shopping, using money to purchase food, learning that money does not grow on trees, getting a job to make more money, etc.

The universe is always expanding and never ending. So is, or should be, our learning. I say, should be, because often we get to a point where we actually decide we are done learning. In my own opinion, the moment we stop wanting to learn is the moment that we start getting old and dying.

From our infinitesimally limit perspective as little clods of dust on this very small planet, we know relatively little. In our blink of an eye short lives we hardly even scratch the surface of the immense quantities of information and knowledge that are available and waiting for us to learn.

One of my long term goals in life is to always keep my mind open to learning more and more. As I continue to learn, there is one thing that remains constant. That constant is that the more I learn, the wider my view of life, the universe, and everything expands.

An analogy of learning: Picture in your mind a normal sized drinking glass. Imagine that the glass has some small amount of water in it. The glass represents the amount of knowledge that you know there is to learn. The water represents the amount of knowledge that you already have. Now imagine that you have a pitcher of water and start to pour it into the glass. Imagine that as you pour more water into the glass, the glass continues to grow exponentially. The more water you put into the glass, the bigger it gets and you realize that in order to fill up the is nearly impossible.

There is so much to learn. It can be overwhelming. However, it can also be very exciting, if you cultivate a love of learning. It is my opinion that such a love of learning is the zest of life and the fountain of youth. Keep learning! It will keep you young.

Who kicked my sand castle?!?

Why is it that everyone points their fingers at the government whenever something goes wrong? We ARE the government. Well, at least we were when this country was founded. More and more we are becoming the United Socialist Republic of American States.

The more jobs we give “the government” to do, the more power we give to “them”, the less we have for ourselves. Is socialism really what we want?

Let us think about this. If you build a sand castle on the beach and some guy comes over and kicks it down, is it the fault of the government? That is a ridiculous thought.

Well, that is what we are saying whenever we point our fingers at “the government”. OUR government. Those people that WE put into power either by election or our own neglect and inaction.

What am I trying to say? Start pointing your fingers at the correct people. Start with yourself. If you do nothing but talk and point fingers, then you are the reason for the problem you are whining about.

Do you have a problem with gas prices? Point the finger at the gas companies. If you have a problem, with someone, go talk to them. Forget the middle man. Go straight to the source.

If some guy kicks over your sand castle you do not run over and beat up your dad. No, you confront the guy that kicked over your sand castle.

I vote we start thinking for ourselves and start solving our own problems and taking back our power from “the government”. Because WE are the government, for now at least.

My inspiration for this blog was the following article by Bob:

Is a price cap what’s needed for high gas prices?