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World of Warcraft vs Premium Television

I have heard many people opine that playing World of Warcraft (WoW) is evil and a waste of money and time. Having played World of Warcraft myself, I feel I must defend it slightly. To do so I will employ a comparison to Premium Television. (Premium Television = Cable, Satellite, etc.)

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What I learned from the City of Ember

I watched the movie, “City of Ember”, last night. It was very interesting. It was entertaining and engaging. I can’t say it is an amazing movie that I plan on owning, but at the same time, I did enjoy it. When I watch movies I tend to get sucked into them, mentally. Then when I am done watching a movie coming back to reality puts me in a stated of contemplativeness, where I analyze my own life in comparison to the movie. Sometimes I can even glean some valuable wisdom from my post-movie ruminations.

Here is what I learned from watching “The City of Ember”.

  • You can’t always trust your leaders to do what is best for you.
  • If you have a dream in your heart, follow your passion and what you know and feel is right. Every one of us can make a positive difference in the world if we just have the courage and tenacity to follow our dreams.
  • If you do not like the system you are in you have three choices: 1) Ignore it, 2) Complain about it, 3) Fix it.
  • Just because a “grown up” (someone who supposedly knows better than you) tells you “how things are”, that does not mean that is how they really are or how or that they should stay that way.
  • We all crave light, we are children of light.
  • Trust those who love you, but do not believe every thing they say without thinking it through first yourself. Most times those who love you have your best interests in mind but they can also often be blinded by that same love and perhaps even smother you with it.

What did you like or learn about from the City of Ember?

Reflections of Christ

My friend Samuel Farnsworth introduced me to the “Reflections of Christ” fine art photography exhibit through this blog entry and video that he forwarded to me. It is very beautiful. I highly suggest signing up on their web site so that you can watch their videos. Very well done.

“I thought I would post a video that we put together last week which includes every image from the Reflections of Christ exhibit currently on display at the visitors center in Mesa Arizona. We have received so many amazing emails asking for this type of thing – as there are many of you who haven’t had a chance to actually see all the images yet. Here it is set to the amazing compilation of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing performed by Clyde Bawden and Freddie Ashby.”

Reflections of Christ – Reflections Slideshow

Nativity of Christ

On a similar theme, Michael Stevens, another friend of mine brought to my attention this video of a Christian song of praise that was sung on American Idol. It is also beautiful and well done. Check it out:

American Idol Top 8 perform “Shout To The Lord”