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Lost Commentary Podcast’s

Anyone else out there a “LOST” fan? Anyone else out there without much time to read all the many blogs and forums in the huge LOST community? I found my fix. Podcasts! Here are several LOST podcasts that keep me up to date on what is going on with LOST and the attendant communities.

The Official LOST Podcast:


Sledgeweb’s LOST Podcast:

The Transmission (no longer actively making Podcasts, but the old ones are good):

Generally Speaking – Weekly LOST Podcast:

How do you add a Podcast to your iTunes?

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on “Podcasts” in your Source list on the left of the iTunes window
  3. Open the “Advanced” menu
  4. Select “Subscribe to Podcast”
  5. Paste the Podcast URL (address) into the “Subscribe to Podcast” text box that is now open and click OK

Should I Oppose HBO’s ‘Big Love’ Show???

Many people on my mailing list have already expressed an interest in opposing this HBO show, ‘Big Love’. After quite a bit of deliberation and discussion I have still not decided whether or not to add my voice. The fact that the AFA has just today also joined in and provided an excellent means for making our voices heard, has given me more to think about. A week ago I was contemplating asking the AFA to provide this service, and now that they have, I am still torn.

Why? I have asked quite a few friends and family members for their opinions on this subject and have gotten just as many different opinions.

My first impression was not to fight it because it might give too much bad publicity to the LDS Church. On top of that, I choose not to watch HBO because of the filth, smut, and other garbage that they sponsor (oh, and because it does not come with my cable package =). Thus, my thought process was, “if I can make the choice to not watch this show, then so can everyone else and thus the actions of the people will decide the fate of this show”.

HOWEVER!!! In many instances, INACTION is the incorrect action. Is this one of those instances? Our inaction at the borders of our nation is an example of the wrong time and place to use inaction. If the colonists of the early American colonies had to decided to just sit back and not keep the British army’s out, we would be in a different world today.

To quote a good friend of mine, “The fact that it’s on HBO has nothing to do with anything… do you realize how many people watch HBO? Sex in the City.. the Sopranos? They are house hold names. Also, this show was written by a gay couple and is very likely another ploy to normalize deviant behavior and to help further the case for legalizing gay and multiple marriages.” The Sex in the City (another despicable show) has also made it’s way onto public television. Do we want to wait until this show has as many seasons and is such a hit that it moves to public television?

I ask again. Is this one of those instances where inaction is the correct action?

On the other side of the coin, if we were to fight this television show, then I think we could be obligated to fight ALL inappropriate media. Are we willing to do that? The PTC is a group that has been established to monitor and fight against filthiness on our televions. Are we willing to join such groups and start an inquisition to erradicate all inappropriate television media? Is that even an option? Those who create the shows will most certainly proclaim that they have a right to show their arts.

Several friends of my wife brought up another point. This show and many like it could be a teaching opportunity. Those who watch it may have questions about the deviant behaviours and incorrect principles. Answering those questions could lead to good teaching moments. However, at what cost?

The LDS church had some really good points to consider about this topic: LDS Church Responds to Questions on TV Series

I am as of yet, undecided. Anyone care to persuade me further?