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I Am A Child of God

“I am a Child of God, and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind, and dear.”

If that were the end of the blessings that He had given me, it would still be more than some of our siblings have been given.

If that were the end of the blessings that He had given me, I would still count myself wealthy.
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How Do I Approach God?

When my 7 year old wants something and comes to me whining about how he does not have it and then throws a fit because I am not getting it for him that very instance, I am less inclined to do anything for him.

When my 7 year old wants something and comes to me speaking in a very calm and rational tone, showing forth appropriate deference, I am much more inclined to give my child whatever he wants.

How do I approach my Heavenly Father in prayer when I want something? I am sure that my own attitude toward Him greatly influences what He is willing to grant unto me.

Christ is the example of giving

During Christmas time everyone seems to become more friendly and more willing to give. Our hearts seem to be more open to the idea of sharing our blessings with other people. Why is that?

The simple answer is, Christ. Christ is the reason that we have Christmas. Christ set the example of how we should treat each other. It then makes perfect sense that as we participate in a season devoted to our Saviour, we begin to emulate Him.

The life of Christ was a life filled with giving and love for others. Whether teaching or sharing or healing, He was always giving of Himself to those around Him.

I think that it is wonderful how giving we become every year around the Christmas season. Yet, as Christmas day comes and all the presents are unwrapped and decorations taken down, I wonder, why is it that we can be so filled with the love of Christ one month and the next be back to our regular selfish routines.

If only the spirit of Christmas could last the whole year long.

But wait… cannot the spirit of Christmas linger with us for more than just the Christmas season? Christmas, after all, is based on Christ.

We know that as we focus on the meaning of Christmas our hearts are softened. We know that the meaning of Christmas is Christ. We do not need presents wrapped in pretty paper, or colorful lights, or merrily decorated trees to remind us of Christ. Everything around us can remind us of Christ.

As we read the scriptures every day, as we attend church and other religious meetings, as we meet together often to talk of Christ, we will be focusing on Him. The more we focus on Christ, the more we become like Him. The more we become like Christ, the more giving we will be all year long.