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Honda FCX Clarity

As much as I love sexy looking gasoline powered vehicles like the Mini Cooper or the Audi R8, I am enthralled by the vehicles that use alternative energy sources, like the Toyota Prius, which uses a combination of gas and electricity to power the vehicle. However, the vehicle that I have been looking forward to for quite some time is this one:

The Honda FCX Clarity
Honda FCX Clarity

The Honda FCX Clarity uses Hydrogen to generate electricity which powers the entire vehicle. This car is amazing and it will start leasing in the USA this summer. Find out more and check out the gallery on the Honda FCX Clarity Web Site.

New Car and New Batteries

I love technology. I really love new and emerging technologies. I get excited when I hear about a new technology or a technology that is finally or soon to be released for mainstream consumption. Two of my favorite technologies to watch over the past couple years are: Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Nanotechnology.

The new Honda FCX — Be sure to click on the “Next” links on the right side of the page to get to the next two pages also. This is really amazing stuff and I already want one of these cars. The pictures are really fascinating to look at.

MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative — These new batteries are based on the Super/UltraCapacitor technology that has been around for years.