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My Next Cell Phone

My next cell phone will soon be released in the United States of America.

I currently have the Nokia 6800 and I love it. I have had it for a couple years. However, Nokia has created the next version of it and I want it. It is the Nokia E70. Although I am also still considering the Nokia E61, I am pretty sure I will get the E70, mostly because it will be the first of the two to be released here I am already used to the style.

When I got my first phone back in 1999, it was a Nokia. Ever since then I have loved Nokia phones. They are the only brand I have ever owned, and I have owned many of them. They make very good quality phones.

Nokia E70

For more information on E-Series phones, check out this excellent E-Series blog.

New Car and New Batteries

I love technology. I really love new and emerging technologies. I get excited when I hear about a new technology or a technology that is finally or soon to be released for mainstream consumption. Two of my favorite technologies to watch over the past couple years are: Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Nanotechnology.

The new Honda FCX — Be sure to click on the “Next” links on the right side of the page to get to the next two pages also. This is really amazing stuff and I already want one of these cars. The pictures are really fascinating to look at.

MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative — These new batteries are based on the Super/UltraCapacitor technology that has been around for years.