These are some of my thoughts on life.

  • The Son and the Sun are both creators.
  • Learning is painful, but it is a good pain. When you learn to recognize the pain and discomfort of learning you will learn to welcome that pain and discomfort and you will become an amazing learner.
  • If I want to be a millionaire, I have to be a millionaire.
  • There are three main parts to the human soul, the body, the spirit, and the mind. All three of those need to be exercised, every day. I find that if I push myself to exercise my body, my mind and my spirit naturally follow suit. I think better and receive more inspiration after I exercise.
  • “Your Attitude Affects Your Altitude”. In other words, you are what you think you are.
  • I am my own greatest obstacle. If I want to progress in life, I need to get out of my own way.
  • If I see something in someone else that I think they should change, that indicates to me that I am the one that needs to change myself.
  • Truth is eternal and unchanging. However, what I perceive as truth depends on my own perspective. If I do not have a penny to my name, but I insist on thinking positive and telling myself that I am a millionaire, it is true, from a certain perspective. The truth I am telling myself could be a future truth or a past truth, but it is truth nonetheless because I am who I think I am.
  • Something I have realized about myself: my motivation comes from within. Only my own personal choice to be motivated will actually motivate me. Nothing external will motivate me. Outside forces may catalyze the process, but in the end, the decision to act is mine and mine alone and the easiest way to act it to just do it. Thinking about it and setting a future date only causes delay and a diminishment of what motivation you had.
  • If you cannot think critically, then you have no business thinking at all.
  • Ideas are the genesis of any project, product, or service. Without ideas, we would have nothing. Creation takes place mentally/spiritually before any physical creation takes place. Even this universe, was a one point, merely an idea in the mind of the Supreme Creator. That is the value of ideas.

The certified opinions of Jonathan