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Is Big Oil Evil?

My wife has been telling me about how the heads of several large oil companies have been brought before congress and ripped to shreds because they are making so much money by raping the American people with gas prices.

I would like to think that those people that we have put into congress are all trustworthy and have our best interest in mind. However, with all the special interest money that keeps pouring into the hands of our representatives as well as the lame laws that keep coming out of congress, it is my initial reaction to be wary of whatever congress says and does. This topic I am especially wary of.

Glenn Beck talked about this yesterday and I think he makes a good point. Make sure to click through to his full transcript on this. Make it a point to look at the picture of a graph that is on his page as it indicates the earnings of big oil compared to the cost of crude oil. Very interesting.

Glenn to Big Oil

We here in congress have promised, as all three presidential candidates have also promised, to introduce and pass in the next term a cap and trade legislation bill that will increase the price of gasoline according to the EPA by an additional $1.50. Some people say it could be as high as $5 additional per gallon. More…

Tell me, is “big oil” evil? Or have we been duped again by the leaders we have put into office?

We have so many answers to our energy needs right here in America. However, somehow we have not been allowed to use them. We have our own oil. We have nuclear energy. We have plenty of wind. Our gasoline vehicles could be more efficient, we have hybrid and alternative power vehicles.

Who is the enemy here? Who should we really be fighting?