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Be EXCITED About Your Dreams

Today I learned that, being EXCITED about my goals and dreams is a vital ingredient in bringing my dreams to fruition.

All too often I hesitate about being excited about my dreams. What if I fail? What if my dreams do not come true? If I allow myself to get excited, if I allow myself to put my whole heart into my goals/dreams/relationships, I might fail and my heart may be decimated. Would it not be better to just put half of my heart into whatever I am trying to accomplish? That way, if the endeavor fails, I still have half my heart.

Brad Barton failed over and over again, but he kept getting back up, and finally reached his goal of breaking a world record in running.

I just listened to this episode of Live On Purpose radio: Getting Better at Getting Better. Dr. Paul? talks with Brad about the struggles he had while pursuing his dream.

Goals vs Costs

I decided to start listing my goals so that I could then “weigh the cost” of each of those goals. After I had listed a couple of them I realized that what I was listing were costs. I had not listed any goals at all.

For example, I had a goal to exercise every day. If you think about it, that is not really the end goal. It could be argued that that is a short term goal. However I consider short term goals to be part of the cost of the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal may in all actuality be something like this: “Be physically fit enough to go snowboarding at age 100”.

Apparently I need to rethink what goals are.