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Do I Give Like I Ask?

I had another parental inspiration the other day. It came as my son was asking me for something and I immediately said “no” without even really hearing what he was asking about.

The inspiration I received made me stop and compare how I was interacting with my son, with how my Heavenly Father interacts with me (a habit of mine).

I ask my Heavenly Father for things all the time. There is so much I need every day. Is He quick to say “no” to me? He is not. I know that Heavenly Father is patient, loving, and kind. He responds to my requests using those traits.

What traits do I use when responding to my son? Impatience, selfishness, pride? Why? I love my son. Why would I choose to be so abrupt and unkind in responding to him?

Apparently I have picked up a bad habit, for whatever reason. It could have developed for any number of reasons. Perhaps it is a natural response to his own personality which conflicts with my own. My son has a personality that is similar to my mine. This make sense, since I am his father and example. A great majority of what he learns is from what I teach him by the example I set for him. The fact that he has his own will, which, I have learned, I cannot bend, probably causes me to become defensive.

Whatever the cause, I am glad that I have realized how I react. Now that I recognize my bad habit, I can start to change my behavior.

This being a parent thing is such a great learning experience!