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Beat the Status Quo

I was out running this morning. While I ran I was listening to a podcast in which Dr. Paul interviewed Jarom Thurston. It was an excellent podcast about how has made the choice to do what he though was impossible and run a 135 mile race.

Jarom Thurston running Badwater

As running usually does, it got me thinking about things. That is one of the wonderful benefits of exercising my body. It usually wakes up not only my body but also my mind and my spirit. I think more clearly and am more in tune with the universe.

Anyway, I got to thinking about barriers (aka walls, obstacles, challenges, hard times in life). Barriers are not put in our life for us to stop at. Instead, barriers are but mile markers. They are hurdles to go over under around or through. The were put in our life to challenge us and to make us better. We become better when we give up the comfort of the status quo.

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I read twice as fast!

I have had some people ask me what I thought of the speed reading class I took last week. So I thought I would post my progress here.

The quick result is that I can now read twice as fast as I could before I took the one day course. That in itself is amazing to me. However, it is not enough and I am not yet satisfied with my reading speed.

The one day class was very worth my while, but just like anything, speed reading cannot be fully learned in one day. I have a lot of practice ahead of me. There are some extended classes that I am going to take to help me stick to the practicing that I need to do in order to reach the point I want to be at. At this point, reading is still a chore and does take a lot of concentration. But that is because I have to “unlearn what I have learned”. In other words, I have bad habits that hinder my ability to read with this new method. I need to forget about reading and comprehending the old way so that I can train my brain to learn how to read the new way.

In a way, it is like going back to Elementary School and learning how to read again. However, in my opinion, it is very worth it. The resulting speed at which I will be able to read will be hindered only by how long it takes me to turn a page.

I fully expect this process to be hard and uncomfortable. Learning is like that. Yet, because I understand the learning process, I am alright with the difficulty ahead of me. Just like any learning process, the more we practice the better we get and the easier the task becomes. In a couple months and even in a year from now, if I have been diligent in my practice of this new skill, I know that I can expect it to be as easy as reading the old way has become for me.

I will post more results in a month or so when I am done with the other classes.

If you are interested in taking the classes and would like to know more, take a look at the web site of Abundant Reading Systems. I highly recommend them.