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Why do I do what I do when I know what I know

I consider myself to know and understand a lot about the principles of wealth and success. I have read plenty of books about success, attended presentations and conferences, and listened to many podcasts.

I understand all this theory yet apparently I have not yet gained the wisdom necessary to put it all into practice.

In fact, it is almost as if subconsciously I am sabotaging my own success. When I learn a new principle and have a great realization of something I should be doing in my life, I seem to actively avoid it, or rebel against doing it. It is as if I am trying to stick it to the man, to show him who is boss, except in this case, I am the man I am thumbing my nose at.


Why am I choosing to subvert my own progress toward my goals and dreams?

It does not make sense to me.

This post is me thinking out loud. I find that I think well through writing or talking to other people. I am analyzing myself. I enjoying analyzing things.

Feel free to add your own analysis.

Beat the Status Quo

I was out running this morning. While I ran I was listening to a podcast in which Dr. Paul interviewed Jarom Thurston. It was an excellent podcast about how has made the choice to do what he though was impossible and run a 135 mile race.

Jarom Thurston running Badwater

As running usually does, it got me thinking about things. That is one of the wonderful benefits of exercising my body. It usually wakes up not only my body but also my mind and my spirit. I think more clearly and am more in tune with the universe.

Anyway, I got to thinking about barriers (aka walls, obstacles, challenges, hard times in life). Barriers are not put in our life for us to stop at. Instead, barriers are but mile markers. They are hurdles to go over under around or through. The were put in our life to challenge us and to make us better. We become better when we give up the comfort of the status quo.

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