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We are Giving Away our Power

We are putting ourselves into bondage by giving our government our power.

I just listened to this Live on Purpose podcast called, Self Family Government, In That Order. It was excellent. It is a bit of history and explanation about elections and how we need to be very careful and selective about what and who we vote for.

I really liked the analogy that Ruel Haymond gave about the distribution of our power. In his analogy he describes a pyramid. The base of the pyramid should be the amount of power that we have. The next level up could be the amount of power that we give to our family. The next level could be the amount of power we give to the city, the next to the state, and lastly to the federal government. In other words, we should be retaining most of our power and giving the federal government a very little portion of it.

Ruel also said that we should be jealous of our government, when it comes to power. This is because the more power we give it the less we have. Not only that, but the government never gives power back. It just takes and takes. Until it has all power and we have none. When this happens, we have only ourselves to blame.

When the government has all the power, the only thing we can do to get it back is use force. This is usually called civil war.

I encourage everyone to take the time to listen to this podcast, especially before election day. I would love to hear your feedback on it.