Where do I stand?

Politics According To Jonathan — These are my views. They are not for sell, but you can certainly use them for yourself if you so desire. I am not affiliated with any political party

Current American Government – Way too big and far to many laws

Poverty – Exists for two reasons: 1) People are free to make bad choices, 2) We, as a general community, are bad neighbors and have lost the love that we should have for each other.

Americas Prisons – Hilton Hotels

Americas Prisoners – Living large and better off than many law abiding citizens

Americas Borders – Wide open, like a broken sieve

Illegal Aliens – Make them citizens so they can start paying taxes and truly integrating into society.

War – Evil

Abortion – A bad thing 99.99% of the time

I am Pro-Choice before sexual intercourse, Pro-Life after sexual intercourse. I believe that women have the right to choose whether or not to carry a baby. They have that right until such time that they CHOOSE to get pregnant. Whether the pregnancy was “intentional” or not is opinion. If you choose to have sexual intercourse then you choose to be pregnant and you choose to carry your baby to term. Whether you give it up for adoption or not after that is also the right of the woman.

Sexual intercourse is not a game, nor is it a sport. Participating in sexual intercourse binds those involved to the responsibilities of those actions. For every choice we make, there is a consequence. Whether the consequence is a good one or a bad one depends on whether we make a good choice or a bad choice.

Therefore, if a women is not pregnant, then I am Pro-Choice for her. If she is pregnant, I am Pro-Life for her baby.

On this stand I believe that there are extenuating circumstances, such as: the life of the mother is being threatened, the pregnancy was conceived by incest or rape. These circumstances are the exception, not the rule.

Taxes – Necessary to fund the government. Currently our government is too big and thus the people are over taxed. Trim the government and the economy will be boosted.

Political Correctness – “Political Correctness is the equivalent of trying not to offend the Devil” Penny

Guns – Everyone has the right to protect themselves. Take away the guns from law abiding citizens and the only people left with guns are criminals and law enforcers. Thus, many anti-gun laws only protect criminals. (See also: My Post from 19 April 2007)

Homosexuality – is a sin.
But so are a lot of things and if someone chooses that as one of their sins, so be it. So long as the choices of other do not infringe my own rights, freedoms, and happiness, I have no problem.

The certified opinions of Jonathan